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You always know where your RC vehicle is going when its outfitted with parts from RC-Lighthouse! We sell the best collection of RC LED light bars, repair parts, and aftermarket body options to keep your item in great shape. Whether you want to fix up a broken light or install a brand new bar, we have the stock for you. Contact us today in Aurora, Illinois, to speak with our team of experts about the best RC LED light bars for your vehicles.

RC Vehicle

RC LED Light Bars by RPM

Upgrade your favorite remote control vehicles with our RC LED light bars. These bars go on top of the remote control and resemble a vehicle, such as any SUV model with lights on the top. You have your pick from a great line of light bars by Pro-Line®, including 5 lights that can be repaired with any 3 or 5-MM LED lights. Most RC LED light bars come in white.

Premium LED Parts

Avoid having to replace remote control lights by checking out our selection of repair parts. Whatever you need to fix current LED lighting systems or RC LED light bars, you're sure to find with RC-Lighthouse. Our LED parts include:

  • Loose LEDs
  • Switches
  • Heat Shrink Wrap
  • 4-5 On/Off Switches
  • Various Plugs
Illuminated Light Bar Light Bar LED Light Bar In Darkness

Aftermarket Bodies

Find low-cost aftermarket bodies for your remote control products with the help of RC-Lighthouse. We help you locate the perfect products for any model of remote control items from a wide range of companies.

Our Roof-Mounted Light Bar Set looks just like the roof light sets of current Baja 1000 trucks. It incorporates six of our light canisters (the same used in the front bumper light set of RPM #80982 & #80983). Each of the six canisters is capable of holding a high intensity, 3mm LED (not included) for the ultimate in nighttime off-road racing experiences. What’s best? These light sets will fit all current 1/10th and most 1/8th scale (although specifically designed for 1/10th scale) “Short Course”-style bodies! That’s right, they will fit the Traxxas Slash, Slash 4x4,Associated SC10, Losi Strike & HPI Blitz to name just a few.

The goal of our Roof-Mounted Light Set was to recreate a scale version of those light bars found in full-sized night racing while striving for some reasonable amount of crash-survivability. What we came up with is a light mount set that uses a unique hinge-based system that in the event of a roll-over, the light bar will collapse against the body to help reduce impact damage. The light set is designed to bolt to the front windshield of the truck (although with sufficient room, it can be mounted to the rear window as well), keeping the profile low and in the perfect position to light up the night! A pair of large backing plates are supplied that help protect the body where the screws hold the light bar in place.

We mold these light bar sets in black, chrome and blue to match or contrast any paint or color scheme.

Each kit comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware, light canisters, molded parts and instructions. The instructions also show how to easily create your own LED light set-up with a few basic electronics skills, some tools and a little patience.

Modified to work with our light sets!

True-scale crawling is an addiction, a way of life, a passion. Pro-Line has recognized your passion for scaling and stepped-up to the plate with a variety of injection-molded, hand-painted accessories for 1:10 crawling and 1:10 monster trucks.

Scale Accessory Light Bar includes hand painted, removable light covers complete with PL logo. Add the light bar to just about any lexan truck body or accessorize your CGR body or Tuber body by adding on the light bar directly to the roof rack (part # 6046-00).When you’re looking to fulfill your passion for scale crawling, then check out Pro-Line’s latest scale accessories for 1:10 crawlers and 1:10 monster trucks.

Total weight: 22.2g


  • Injection-molded pieces
  • Direct fit on Roof Rack system or accessorize any 1:10 lexan body
  • Removable painted light covers
  • Hidden mounting hardware for full-scale realism
  • Includes mounting clips (2 pcs)

Learn more about the benefits of our RC LED light bars and parts by calling us today at (866) 608-7066 in Aurora, Illinois.