RC Lighthouse

Return Policy

RC Lighthouse wants our customers to be completely satisfied with their shopping experience with us. If for any reason you don't like or don't want something you purchased from RCLighthouse, you may return New and Unused merchandise within 30 days for store credit; other types of refunds are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

 It is a common misperception that RC Lighthouse has a "no questions asked" warranty policy. Although we do have the best warranty in the R/C industry, it is not "no questions asked." The following text describes in detail what our warranty does and does not cover, subject to RC Lighthouse final review.

If you manage to break an RC Lighthouse product under normal operating conditions (1) , we will replace that part at no further cost to you (2) . Normal operating conditions covers most types of driving conditions that an unmodified, stock R/C vehicle would normally encounter, including most normal bumps, jumps, and road hazards. RC Lighthouse will not warranty a broken or damaged part if it has been modified in any way (or if the part breaks due to modifications elsewhere on the vehicle that directly affects the RC Lighthouse  part in question). This includes, but is not limited to, drilling, grinding, filing, etc., nor will we warranty any part that has been worn out through extended use and / or abuse. In addition, it is nearly impossible to crush an RC Lighthouse  part under normal operating conditions, therefore crush damage of any sort will not be covered. Please use common sense to determine if the breakage was caused by a materials or workmanship issue. We take great pride in the engineering and craftsmanship that goes into each and every RC Lighthouse  part. Therefore, we take our customer service related issues just as seriously and we will do everything possible to resolve legitimate warranty related claims. RC Lighthouse reserves the right to final judgment regarding all warranty issues. Every RC Lighthouse part sent in for warranty review will be reviewed by a member of the RC Lighthouse staff to determine whether or not the guidelines of the RC Lighthouse  warranty policy apply.

We test every part we build on a stock, unmodified vehicle. We can only guarantee the fit and performance of an RC Lighthouse  part based on the stock, unmodified vehicle. Any additional non-RC Lighthouse  parts or modifications made to your vehicle may affect the performance of any installed RC Lighthouse products and can quite possibly void the RC Lighthouse  warranty. It is the responsibility of the vehicle's owner to determine whether or not additional non-RC Lighthouse  aftermarket items or physical modifications to the vehicle will affect the fit or performance of any RC Lighthouse  products installed.

Return Shipping: Please understand that most postal services take some time to ship us your parts (7-10 working days in the continental U.S.) and RC Lighthouse sends all returning product via the USPS so please be patient. We will send your parts or a response back to you as quickly as possible. Before contacting us to ask where your replacement part is, please refer to our normal operating hours. If it is a holiday or a weekend, you will not receive a response until we return - usually, you will have received your replacement by then anyway.

International Customers: You must send your warranty requests directly to RC Lighthouse.  Additionally, due to possible customs delays, we cannot give estimated warranty return times. Additionally, due to possible customs delays, we cannot give estimated warranty return times.

What to Do: If you are not sure if your problem is a legitimate warranty related problem, please contact us directly and ask. If you feel you have a legitimate warranty related item.  Please send the damaged item directly to us with a brief, legible, yet thorough explanation of what you think may have happened to the part, a contact phone number and an e-mail address in case we have questions and your return mailing address to;